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types of cotton fabrics to beat the summer Heat

In the textile industry, cotton is a staple all-time favorite and go-to fabric for all people, no matter what their age is. It is available in plenty of distinct designs, textures, colors and thicknesses, available in different types as well. 

Plain Cotton Fabric is somewhere the perfect textile for the fabric industries because of holding exclusive properties such as high tensile strength, durability, comfortability, lightweight and so on. 


But the dilemma comes into the picture when you have to make a final decision from the different types of plain cotton fabric. So, to help you out of this confusion, the team Varney Fabric has put this guide on different types of cotton fabric for you. Let’s get started!

Different Types of Plain Cotton Fabric

Many types of plain cotton material or fabric are used to make an elegant and different style of attractive attires for distinct occasions. All fabric has been made for diverse uses and possesses unique properties. So, here we tell you about the top seven best summer cotton fabrics in brief. 

#1. Cotton Lawn

Cotton lawn fabric is the purest form of cotton and is a somewhat thin, comfortable, lightweight and soft-to-skin fabric that carries a high thread count. It is made up of finer threads using a close-knit weave that makes the cotton fabric have a buttery smooth surface texture. 

Also, the fabric is best for clothes like blousesskirts, comfy shirts, loose tops and kurtas for the summer season. So, if you are wondering about the top-quality fabric to sew very thin and lightweight dresses or a stunning summer blouse, the cotton lawn is all you need for your summer outfits.

#2. Cotton Jersey Fabric

Cotton jersey fabric is a staple, well-known for its stretchiness and softness and is used to make your all-time favorite tees. You can easily maintain this stretchable fabric because it is intensely too soft and made up of mostly cotton. 

Most people benefit from using this plain cotton jersey fabric because it is versatile in nature. In addition, the fabric is the go-to choice for dressmaking projects, whether you want to sew breathable, comfy summer tops to primitive layers for the winter season.

#3. Cotton Poplin

Cotton poplin fabric is lightweight, crease-free, comfortable and easy to carry, used for sewing almost every type of clothing item that is wearable in every season. It is noted that cotton poplin has always been an exclusive fabric for its great versatility. This fabric is often used to make professional shirts for men that are best for the workplace. 

Additionally, it is the staple for women’s dressmaking, raincoats as well as sportswear. All these usages make the fabric incredible, hence its popularity is hardly shocking. Also, the fabric is known for its offbeat ribbed texture and firmly closed weave which makes the fabric very weightless while retaining its strength. This fabric undoubtedly adds a more elegant and stylish look whether you wear a formal dress or casual wear.

#4. Chambray

Woven with white yarn in the weft and the colored yarn in the wrap is known as Chambray fabric. This fabric is popular because of its extra softness and thinner texture. Chambray fabric comes in different designs and colors, whereas most of the color resembles blue denim

Hence, used for making distinct clothing items include men’s and women’s shirting to lightweight dresses. In short and simple, the fabric gives you a stylish, flattering, easy to sew, classy and stunning look that makes it a perfect fabric for the summer season.

#5. Brushed Cotton

Brushed cotton is a blend of multiple fabric structures, giving a soft, breathable and extremely smooth finish to it. This makes the fabric incredibly comfortable on the skin without any creeping. Since the fabric is highly breathable, ensuring reduced sweat while perfect for dressmaking and patchworking. 

Unlike other plain cotton fabrics, it is popular for making kids wear, mostly winter pajamas. Also, the brushed cotton fabric exceptionally has insulation capabilities that make it ideal for the changing weather and throughout the autumn or spring season. This comfy fabric gives you an added layer of protection against the heat waves, ensuring you won’t feel overheated.

#6. Cotton Drill

Cotton drill fabric is mostly popular for being very dense and strong. It is used majorly for uniforms and workplace clothes. It is usually a dyed fabric that ensures smoothness, making cotton drill ideal for every sort of garment (tailored and casual designs). 

Like denim, it resembles its color properties and texture like a diagonal weave. In addition, this fabric is comfortable and easy to carry and has become progressively more trendy.

#7. Seersucker Fabric

If you are looking at your day easily going by wearing comfortable clothes, you can’t say no to this lightweight fabric- Seersucker Fabric. This cotton fabric is used to make shirts, shorts, suits, kurtas and more that don’t need ironing. It is carrying light, breathable and durable properties that make it perfect for sewing different active wears. As the fabric is slightly creased in texture it causes fabric slightly uneven for your skin, but allows complete air circulation and makes it ideal for the summer season. 

Purchase Your Plain Cotton Fabric at Wholesale Price from Varney Fabric

By being aware of plain cotton fabrics, it might not be challenging for you to pick the right fabric for the summer season. So, you can now easily identify which high-quality fabric is good and comfortable on your skin. Without thinking much, you can invest in a highly durable, long-lasting, comfy and cost-effective fabric material that you’ll love for years.

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